Dr. James Slobodzien

name James Slobodzien, Psy.D., D.Min., CSAC, is a Hawaii licensed psychologist and certified substance abuse counselor who earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is credentialed by the National Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He has over 25-years of mental health experience primarily working in the fields of alcohol/ substance abuse and behavioral addictions in hospital, prison, and court settings. He is an adjunct professor of Psychology and also maintains a private practice as a mental health consultant.

The 7 Dimension Addiction Treatment Model

21st December 2010
Introducing a Multidimensional Public Health Approach for Poly-behavioral Addictions By James Slobodzien, Psy.D., CSAC The sun was thought to revolve around the earth for 1500 years. It wasn’t until a European astronomer named - Nicolaus Copernicus f... Read >

The 7 Dimensional Conspiracies (Christian Organized Religion)

29th October 2010
"The biggest conspiracy has always been the fact that there is no conspiracy. Nobody's out to get you. Nobody gives a shit whether you live or die. There, you feel better now?" (Comedian, Dennis Miller) In 1936 American journalist, Henry Louis Mencken ... Read >